Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dia 3

Tomorrow morning we are headed to the camp where we will be spending the week with the Ayore girls and community leaders. We will not have internet until next Sunday, so I will not be updating this blog until we return to our main guest house in Santa Cruz. Today our team prepared the teaching and craft materials, and we are very excited for this coming week! I am very tired and need to sleep, so I will just write some prayer requests. Please pray! Pray for our week. Pray for safety in travel to and from the camp. Pray for the women who are going to the girls camp and the men who are going to the radio bible congress. Pray for health for our bodies. Pray that we don't get sick. Pray that when we are tired or weary or losing patience or feeling frustrated or anything else, that we would focus on God, because He is all sufficient and grants peace and wisdom to those who seek it. Please please above anything else pray for the girls and women that we will have contact with. Pray for our bible storying lessons, that the Truth about God would be evident and would enter into the hearts of all who listen. Pray that God gives us words to speak when we forget, and that he fixes any mistakes we make, whether they be cultural faux-pas (spelling? too tired to care...) or a mistake about what God's Word says. Please pray that these girls would see the hope and joy in following Jesus. Pray they would know Him. He is the Savior of the world. He is all powerful. He actually heals our brokenness. He created everything and will one day restore the justice that we as humans betrayed in our sinfulness. God is holy and good and can do nothing but good things. He has the power to rescue from death and give eternal life, and to change lives in this world for the better. One of the InterVarsity staff workers tonight asked us to think about how our lives would be different were it not for the Gospel. I almost started crying because I would certainly not be here in Bolivia if I didn't think God had the power to save. HE does. He is good. More good than I know. Please pray for this week, that God would be ever-present, and begin life-changing work in these girls. Thank you very much for reading and praying and caring and supporting me. There are no words to describe the gratitude in my heart for my Jesus and for you. All my love from Bolivia, Alexis.

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