Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hee! My heart is so happy. God makes me so happy and delights in giving gifts to His children. I don't deserve God's goodness but that's what makes my heart feel like it's bursting when He gives me good things anyway. I am so so so grateful for the generosity of those who have given their resources to this trip. I am almost there! If you are reading this and have given THANK YOU SO SO VERY MUCH! You have blessed me immensely! And for those who are considering giving, please do! I still have a little over $1000 to raise in these next 2 weeks. 

I am BEYOND excited to go on this adventure with the Lord. The other day I started reading a book written by this lady: Katie is my age and is living in Uganda caring for precious lives. Her story is incredibly inspiring and spurs me on to seek God's glory and not my own. I suggest you take a look at her blog :)

As I have FEWER THAN 2 WEEKS left, I present these prayer requests to you. Please pray for this trip, for all the students and leaders going and preparing to serve. 
Pray specifically:

  • That we would be safe during traveling to Bolivia and within Bolivia. 
  • That our hearts would be open to serve in whatever capacity God has planned for us. 
  • That we would see God's goodness and want to seek Him more and more each day. 
  • That the people we serve in Bolivia would feel God's love and show us better how to love in word and in action. 
  • That I would trust God for the rest of the funding I need for the trip. 
  • That the logistics of the trip would fall into place (visa stuff, etc.)
Thank you for your kind support and prayers. This life is so cool. Haha! God is just awesome and I'm so glad I get to share it with all of you. I am praying for you (all who read this blog!) as well. I love you and thank God for you. 


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