Thursday, July 26, 2012

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My experience on the InterVarsity Global Project in Bolivia was incredible. I love Bolivia. I definitely want to go back someday. Thank you to all my donors. You have made an incredible difference for the Kingdom, and I sincerely thank you for your generosity and humility in giving. What was so awesome to see in Bolivia was the way that many people from different ministries worked with each other. We had a friend from the campus ministry group with us at the Ayore girls camp, and we had a woman who worked at the camp to come the following week to a campus ministry event. Watching people go out of their way for the cause of Christ is...awesome! So inspiring and just reminds me of the unity of believers across the world. We visited several churches in poor communities, and in one of the churches we met the pastor. His name was Juan and his house was surrounded by pigs roaming about and mud, and his skin was weathered but his smile was a permanent symbol of joy and the calm of knowing Christ. He told us as we left that he sends his greetings to our churches. He told us to send greetings and to send word of what the ministries in Bolivia were doing, so that we could unite together, be encouraged, and pray for him, his church, the people of Bolivia, and the lost in the world. What a great reminder of what it means to be united in Christ with fellow believers. We all long to change the world through God's help. We long to bring His Kingdom. So, my church and fellow believers, Pastor Juan sends his greetings to you. Please pray that the Ayore people come to know Jesus as their Lord, and that He would change lives and hearts as people discover what the Gospel is and seek to live for Jesus. Pray that poverty and discomfort and sickness and destruction would not reign, but that God's goodness will fix what is broken in Bolivia. Pray for the girls at the camp who cried and hugged us at the end of the week. These girls are eager to learn more about Jesus and to lead a life worthy of Him. Please pray they would be strengthened and encouraged all of their days. Pray for them to be community-changers and world-changers. Pray for Jesus to reach their families and communities, so that they would be open to the healing, love, joy, and peace that He has for them. Pray for the ministries and churches in Bolivia who are serving the Lord, and who are serving the poor. Pray they would be strengthened and that God would supply ALL of their needs. Pray pray pray for these people. Please remember to pray for them. God is a God who listens and cares and ACTS. Pray for Him to work in Bolivia. It is so clear that we have a place in this world as God's hands and feet--literally! We are vessels of change and hope and love. Our fellow Bolivians send their greetings and plead for prayer. Remember to pray. Remember Bolivia. Thank you for reading. Thank you for loving me. I love you all dearly. This trip couldn't have happened without those who prayed and supported me in finances and encouragement. Thank you thank you thank you. God is so good. Thank you for letting me see this even more. Love, Alexis

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