Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ok so we were just spending some time worshipping and it was really good. While we worshipped we sang the song "Stronger." The song talks about how God is stronger and higher and better than all others. He is stronger. And during this worship time I just had such a clearer sense of the whole story of the bible. Here in Bolivia it's been difficult because the Ayore people are so poor and prostitution is such a huge way to earn money here and their homes are made of garbage and are surrounded by garbage, and we saw some of our Ayore girls begging on the side of the actually. And school costs money and healthcare is nonexistent for those without money and it's just so sad to know all of these facts about girls we care so much about. It's completely clear, and not just in Bolivia, that the world is messed up. So messed up. Terrible things happen and we hate it and at times we contribute and other times we blame God and wonder why He isn't doig anything. Often I feel like prayer doesn't do much since things are still terrible, but during this worship time it came so much clearer to me: the bible tells us why things are the way they are. God is good. He is so good. He created a good world. It was us who messed things up. Sin began with Adam and Eve and has continued and destroyed ever since. God doesn't sin, doesn't cause people to sin. People sin, and sin brings consequences and destruction. Consider adultery. Or lying. Or stealing. Or really anything that's bad. Sin hurts more people than just us. And so it just became so much clearer to me about why things are the way they are, and so it's so much clearer to me HOW MUCH we need a Savior. It's easy to feel overwhelmed about the world's problems and have no idea how to contribute. But God's whole plan is to redeem the world. REDEEM. Change people and groups and relationships and sadness and lonliness for the better. REDEEM. Make things back to the way they should be. Once we know God's plan for redemption, we want part of it. We want to make things better. But clearly we, the ones who messed it all up, cannot fix it all up on our own. We need the Lord. Boy do we need Him. So much clearer. The bible is a history book of things that have actually happened. It's all in there. God is good. We messed up. We need to be redeemed by the only one who can. Had to share this here. I wrote this the other day...sort of poetry...and it relates. Thirsty All are searching. Hunger search for food. Thirst search for water. Empty seeks fullness. To all who feel with stomachs empty or full there must be more. He provides. All broken seek the whole, but brokenness feeds brokenness and carves stomachs into empty vessels. Thirsting. Wanting. One (the Lord) mmade the whole. He created it full. He fills bellies with fullness. Hunger and thirsty for the Whole. Tomorrow is our last day in Bolivia and we head back on Monday. Sad. But happy to return. Love you all. Thank you for your prayers and support. PLease prayer for these Ayore girls, for justice to come to their lives. For hope and peace in their hearts. For God to REDEEM quickly. He will. Lovingly, Alexis

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